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About the CEO

Renee, owner of Petal by Rose Gold, a premier clothing and beauty boutique catering originally to women, men, and children, birthed her business from natural talents and effortless ability to stay ahead of the latest trends. With a love for shopping and fashion (and, admittedly, a slight obsession for both) combined with a coming-to-truth moment about her three-plus closets full of clothing, Renee began creating plans to unveil her own boutique, Petal by Rose Gold.

"My friends always come to me to ask about the latest trends and what to wear, I realized that my knowledge and passion for clothing was more than self-discovery – it was an opportunity to create a business that others would enjoy and benefit from too,” Renee shares.

Renee is a Florida girl, currently splitting her time between Tallahassee, Florida, and Wesley Chapel, Florida, but her frequent moves as a child and young adult have contributed to her cool and eclectic taste in clothing.

“I was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky,” Renee explains, “but I was raised in Germany, South Korea, Georgia, and Florida. I’ve seen fashion trends from all walks of life and cultures, and these experiences have inspired me to empower women to feel brave enough to try new styles and walk in confidence.”

Not only is Petal by Rose Gold a go-to boutique for shoppers around the world, but it’s a business that provides intimate, top-notch customer service, taking the time to identify measurements and product sizes to align with client wants and needs.

Petal by Rose Gold gains more and more momentum with each passing day. In fact, the future is bright for this one-of-a-kind boutique as Renee has opened a Mobile Boutique to allow her customers to come in and try on various pieces.

“Life is short,” Renee smiles, “and as a mother of three and serial entrepreneur, I’m a firm believer in empowering others to seize the day, put on a nice pair of heels, hold their heads up, and strut their stuff. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so we have to live our potential while we’re here, in style.”

Petal by Rose Gold was founded by a group of like-minded fashion devotees, determined to deliver style to shoppers worldwide. Our store policies are fair and generous, our customer service is smart and useful. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping online today and find out more about what makes us so special.

Enjoy shopping dresses, two piece sets, jumpsuits, and kimonos and more!

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